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At Best Buy Hearing Aids we understand the impact that losing your hearing can have on your enjoyment of daily activities as well as relationships. We provide you with the most reputable and high-tech hearing aids available based on quality, comfort and sound processing.


Finest Materials

Swiss made hearing aids

Soft Ear 

Using soft fit technology for comfort


Connection with all mobile phones

Rigid Construction

Shock proof and water resistant

Supreme Audio Quality

Equipped with the latest Tempus processor


No need to buy batteries

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31 Years of Expertise in the field of hearing aids.


Cutting-edge digital technology and specialised expertise allow the Ellinides Hearing company to take a leading position in this sector in the Cyprus market. Ellinides Hearing Centres is a partner network of the two largest organisations in Cyprus – Hearing Centres Chris Oto Medicare in Limassol and Otoakoustiki Ltd in Nicosia. Partnerships with leading companies that specialise in solutions to hearing problems provide the company with the broadest access to new technologies, as well as increase the number of offered services and products.

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unitron hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids that go into the ear